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 over the last 2 yrs, ive been slowly collecting wooden doll house furniture for this doll house my mom had that she wanted to give the girls.  last week she dropped it off, all freshly painted for the girls. so i busted out the doll furniture with the intent to paint them all myself, matching colors...i decided to do this when joey was napping...but somehow ellie and nate wanted to help. and well, i gave up the notion of my picture perfect plan and had nate and ellie help me

and that they did
 we created the most amazing works of art
 and i think the furniture is amazing....they worked so hard on them and we kept it as a surprise for joey....stay tuned....haha
 thurs it was SO nice out, i decided to take advantage of the weather and head out to the park to feed those ducks. it was SO nice out. and the park was EMPTY!  meaning there was about 15 kids in total...first we fed the ducks

but where were they?
 way and i mean WAY across the pond
 the girls were trying to lure the ducks over with bread
 but those silly ducks didnt move!  so i sent the kids over to them. where they gobbled up the bread!
 but we were stopped on the way to the play park by those storm drains. ha haha
 seriously. those drains. they are amazing
 simple the best. hahaha
 then i sat back and enjoyed my FREE timmy's (thanks dad) and watch the kids play
we were at the park for 2 hrs and 45 mins....not that i was counting. har har
 nate brought his unfinished school work to work on and found shade to work in.
 joey! with MY shades
 the doll house and the painted furniture
 joey LOVES it
 so back in JANUARY, i ordered a pen holder for nate, it arrived this week. he loves it and promptly put all his pens in the holder. i found it like this on his desk on friday
 ellie. baking in the sun
 friday, i found the time to bake some banana muffins and we all went to visit chris.  to save money, i even packed coffee and juice. haha
 look at joeys face when she saw chris's face.  "daddy!"
 friday night movie night
my oldest
and my youngest