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school round up!

 i thought id do a quick school peek.  school is by far the best part of the day.  joey is contained (napping) and i have the other 2 in a routine.  ellie gets to watch a show for the first 45 mins while i do my 1 on 1 lessons with nate.  after im done with nate and ellie's show is over i bring her into the school room where she can play independently until im finished with nate.  when im done with  nate, i then spend an hr with ellie one on one, we do school, crafts, read or just snuggle.  after that, i finish up with nate or answer his questions, then i head down to start lunch and get joey up from her nap....after that the day is determined by everyone's attitudes. haha  but i always start school with coffee and my oils. haha

nate is finishing up his work. and we are working on the last few subjects.  we finished all about spelling back in march so ive been printing lists off the internet and using those for spelling.  then i slip in a quick grammar lesson from the cards i bought last yr for 20.00.  if he;s struggling with a concept, ill print sheets off the internet and use them until he understands
 he's almost done wordly wise. i liked this series but nate doesnt, so i decided to not to use it next yr.  we should be done with the book by the end of may
 i make up canadain pioneers. haha.  i read a few pages, we talk about it and i make up a lesson/book work on the fly for him to work on independently.  this is a great series, we are both really enjoying it
 see! thumbs up!
 for history we are using a book i scored at sally ann for 1.00...i make up lessons for him to work in his book.  i put a bunch of cut out card stock for him to use for pictures/illustrations/charts/graphs what ever he wants; this breaks up the amount of printing he does and adds color.  i think of it as a journal book.  im seriously impressed with how great a job he is doing with it! 
 sometimes he works on the floor. ha
 for independent reading he is working on this bad boy. so far, he is enjoying the book
 bible time is private.  i give him a verse to read and he journals it. i dont look/read it, i just write out the verse to read.
 cursive it less than 5 mins.  im wanting him to learn but i dont make an issue out of it...
 we are on chapter 17 for math!  we dont finish the book this yr, but we are catching up from loss time from last yr.  nate is enjoying math again! yipee!
 writing is winning with writing.  we will finish this book at the end of the month
 and the BEST 6.75 ive ever spent!!!!  the planner!!!!  im picking up 6 more at conf this yr....just in case they stop making them, ill have a few extras!  LOVE this planner, HUGE time saver for me!
school takes 2-3 hrs. depending on how hard nate chooses to work. haha  im feeling good about what we  have covered this yr.  we finished science last month,  we enjoy the apologia series.  really im just wanting to finish up the school yr and take a break. i have a HUGE stack of books to get at. haha

with the weather getting warmer, i cut back on the extra's with the home school group.  free play is always better. haha.  april/may i was blessed with my friend taking nate to his classses so i could stay home with the girls. that is a HUGE deal!  nate participated in rock climbing, sports dome, zoo days, and a few others i cant think of right now.  he has one more zoo day and then we are done for classes for the month...i say that now. haha

so all in all, its been a good yr!


wk-eigenheer said...

Congratulation for teacher and student!!! Muetti