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 so chris bought me a projector. then dad picked up the trolley, and i think they both found the screen. so now i have a new to me projector, screen and trolley...that was taken a part cleaned and painted just for me....and chris even ordered 2 packs of wet erase markers.  i love it.  and ive used it 2 times already
 i think nate and chris has had the most fun playing with it
 i managed to knock 2 more books off the stack of books i hope to read.  prophets prey was written by the private investigator who brought down warren jeffs, its the 2nd book ive read about what happened with the flds.  i couldnt put the book down, it was excellent.  the guy who wrote it spent 7 yrs not for pay to stop what was going on in the cult.  really good read.  then for fun and mindless entertainment i read jennie garths autobiography. it was a quick read filled with fluff and nothing more. haha
 ellie's was working away at her school.  we have about 6 lessons left, so im thinking ill dbl up on them
 school time is by far the best time of the day.  it goes by smoothly and its enjoyable. i  have the kids in a great routine. i cant believe ellie's starting full time k next yr!