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no more cribs!

 yesterday was a HUGE day for the eigenheers! our very last crib was taken down!   AND we moved ellie into joey's room.  i wasnt prepared for the emotions.  i remember the last time we took a crib down i was a sobbing mess. it was about 9 months after we lost ben and i was so sad that there was no more cribs in the house.  this time we took down joey's crib with the help of 2 girls. ha

we gave joey ellie's toddler bed and gave ellie her new bed.  which was my old bed from before we (chris and i) got married. i was like, my baby girl is sleeping in my bed. sob sob

the first night expectations were super low for the girls. they stayed up until 9 giggling and laughing and decided to get up at 6 at to play dolls. chris shut down that party! ha  chris and i will lay down the rules tonight and ellie is NOT allowed to go into nates room and wake him up, haha
 look at all those helpers!
 joey LOVED her bed. she laid in it until supper, then went right back up for more.  i found her twice today laying in her bed
 nate and ellie testing out ellie's new to her bed
 she was thrilled with the size
 and joey was back in her bed, just chilling
 with a book. she looks quite comfortable doesnt she?
 putting her sookies on her hooks. ha and yes, joey still uses a sook when she sleeps thats the next thing to go!
 nate took about 10 seconds to get his room ready. ha  it still needs to be painted and updated but he likes having his own space
 chilling in his room
 i still have to pull ellies clothes and go through the closets and finish setting up the girls room.  with the weather really nice today, i skipped working in the house and ill get back to the rooms this week. they are calling for more rain all week!

and that was my fun saturday!