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part 3

 after trump tower i did the next item on my bucket list.  have a hot dog in central park!  and we did! and it was good and we saw the most eye popping thing as we sat and ate this hot dog.  this family, a wealthy family, with baby prams that cost more than my car casually walked past us mere mortals and smiled their wealthy, pompous smiles at as. it was a scene i should have recorded. it was EXACTLY what i thought id see in ny but didnt think i would actually see it.  the father wore a suit and the mother wore an outfit that cost more than a cruise.  it was hilarious to watch and i kept talking about it to my sister

but my hot dog was good!
 then we walked around central park for a bit, saw a few brides, a few people, dogs. horses and beauty. the park is really nice
 and i took many selfies
 central park bridge
 more park
 another bridge
 me again
 and again
 us looking quite nice for no make up! ha
 coming out of central park
 more new york
 central park
 lots of horse drawn carriages
 and back on the streets in new york
 i found a starbucks, had a coffee and people watched for a good 45 mins in new york city
 on the way to times square
 almost there