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maud lewis!

i went with a friend to see the new movie about maud lewis.  the friend i talked into going with me...(haha chris REFUSED to see the movie with me, ha.)  the friend was more of a sci fi movie type. anyways. she LOVED the movie.  i loved it too!

i remember first seeing maud lewis's art in high school and always thought it was neat.  i really didnt know much about her.  so after the movie i came home and stayed up until midnight googling maud lewis!  i was so taken by this movie. so captivated by her story and most surprisingly, i was intrigued by her husband, which lead me to more research and i am in love with their story.

so, imagine my surprise and excitement when i discovered that her home (approxy 12x10'!) is now showing at the nova scotia art gallery!  im like "chris, dude, i NEED to go see this!' haha  so im looking at the calendar to see when i can get down to halifax and see her house...cough...

so, if you havent had the chance, GO see this movie.  it truly had me with tears in my eyes, shocked and in awe by she story...and my friend who is NOT into this type of movie left with tears in her eyes saying "thanks for asking me to see this with you" and then spent the next day googling "maud lewis" haha

go see the movie!
and i cant wait to go to the art gallery to see it!


Crystal said...

Yes, come up and we can go see her house. It is super tiny!