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a break from the rain

 i found these two like this.  joey loves her bed. ha  last night the girls are played around until 7:30, they were both asleep at 8. so its getting better...ha

i ran out of eggs while making banana muffins, chris ran out to get some for me and returned with these...a reminder that spring is coming....
 ellie is my muffin making helper
 see. such a helper. ha

cute girl story.  about a month ago i was doing joey's hair and she said "make puppy ears" after a few minutes i understood what she wanted.  pig tales!  get it! puppy ears!  now ellie and joey ask for puppy ears or in some cases puppy tail (pony tail) everyday!  i think they look adorable with their puppy ears!
 sunday the skies cleared up in the afternoon so we took off for a walk in the woods
 joey got the best deal.  she rode most of the time this way
 we wanted to check out the crazy rivers after all this rain! 
 and the kids enjoy being outside and getting wet/dirty
 i saw this and was like "look! its a hermit house"
 the trees are budding!
 joey making soup
 nate joined her
 the girls were soaked by the time we left the woods
 then we found a pond with ducks on the drive back so we hit that up too
 taking his little sister to the ducks
 daddy and joey
 i had to run errands yesterday and i took this crazy girl with me.  she has sun glasses in her car seat pocket to put on when the sun is out, joey has super sensitive eye (she gets that from me) and the sun bothers her eyes. so i got her a pair of shades and she puts them on when she needs it. and she looks cute too boot. and yes the baby came with us
we had a few hrs yesterday with the sun and i made the most of it by taking the kids to the park and a long walk around the neighborhood. they love waving to the buses that go by and meeting their friends at the bus just thankful they wont be on those buses! 

and the sun has left us and the clouds have rolled in...back to 3 more days of rain....oh well, its a great excuse to clean the house!