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hali part 2!

 saturday was SO nice out.  we spent most of the day outside with the kids. the kids had the spectrum breaky where they had bacon (high light for nate) and chocolate, pancakes with real syrup as ellie told me. and ellie was able to go too!

after the breaky, we did the easter egg hunt. we color coded the eggs, each kid got a color and 10 eggs.  the eggs were hidden to their age and search ability. haha

we gave the kids the baskets and tried to get a pic...
 nana was there too
 then off i went with jo.  she had such a hoot doing the egg hunt
 where did my baby go???
 joey found most of the eggs herself but she had some help from ellie
 eggs in the basket!
 ellie was saying "joey! look, i found one come here!"
 they worked so well together
 the older kids were off, i didnt get many pics of them
 cause i was with this little one
i still remember the first egg hunt with the boys. sniff. where did the time go?
 my big boy!  so proud of him
 aunty! the gal behind all the eggs!
 showing me all her eggs
 thrilled to find out there was 1! jelly bean inside.  we went so small this yr and the kids didnt even notice
 off she goes with her 10 jelly beans
 showing us their baskets. trying to get a pic
 copper wasnt able to join us, and look there would have been room for him on the swing!
and that was our easter egg hunt. on saturday. ha