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 i took the kids to the park last week. it was SO very cold, we all had our winter jackets on, i just NEEDED to get outside and it was nice to let them burn their energy off before school....i was sitting on the ledge and snapped little joe walking to me
 clearly pleased that she was soaked from her knees down
 wed we had the home school library meet up. joey out grew her winter coat and is now wearing ellie's. joey eyes are super sensitive to the light and she wears sunglasses often in the car. she puts them on when she needs them. 
 watching a puppet show
 wed after the class we were met at home by nana and papa plumps who joined us for a visit!  ellie ran to vati, jumped into his arms and stayed there for a good 5 mins
 still holding!
 thurs morning nate wrote up a menu offering 3 choices for breaky and cooked the meal for nana and papa plumps
 he did most of it himself
 some gifts and wine were brought out. the girls got dolls and dresses for them.  joey has slept with her doll every night
 nate got a new pair of shop overalls!  awesome!  those bad boys are awesome. saves me so much laundry!  I thank you!!
 joeys doll
 fri chris took the day off to spend time with his parents, ellie helped him make breakfast. pancakes on my panini press. YUM!
 fri i took advantage of the help. nate and i did school while the girls baked with nana plumps (ok, play doh! ha)  nate and i would come down and visit
 oh they had so much fun
 little jo and nana
 stirr, stirr, mix, mix, mess....joey loves to make a mess. ha
 silly ellie
 i took advantage of chris being home and my hair dresser was able to sneak me in for a cut. she doesnt work evenings, so finding an appointment after 4 is HARD. the girls is usually booked solid for weeks...anyways, i went in and got a good 6" sliced off. i LOVE it
 fri night we went for a walk in the woods.  chris was sad by the amount of snow by the stream. ha
 papa plumps with little joe
 pulling and pushing trees down
 tree boy!
 ha. the kids had so much fun just being kids,, cutting trees, pushing, running and being loud
 sticky she said
 see!  tree sap is sticky!
 Saturday my phone acted up, i couldnt get it to hold charge so i was limited to pictures.  boo.  we mostly drank coffee, ate and went for a walk

ellie helping nana make bread
 we decided to go out to eat, but due to a series of unfortunate events, we ended up at wendy's at 6. no one cared, we were all too hungry!  joey waiting for her food
 love how joey looks in all the pics
 get in the pic nate!  the whole crew
 me and nate
 the kids all ready for church on sunday.  ellie finally grew into the dress mom that you bought for her when she was born!
 the girls were knocking nate over
 silly ellie
 ellie in her dress
and ,y camera conked out again after this and i wasnt able to take more pics!  oh well, but that is a teeny look into the last few days!

the kids are loving having their other grandparents here, chris and i are catching up. and lots of coffee drinking is going on. hahahaha

and back to monday we are!