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 with nana and papa leaving, the weather was cold but i made up for lost time and took the kids to lots of parks.  one visit was to see daddy
 nate went up and read
while ellie "read her bible"
 joey too
 both girls reading the bible. haha. so cute
 i busted open the sand box!  the girls played 3-4 times this week alone in it.  it also made 3 extra baths and another load of laundry for me. hahaha they got SO dirty. but they had to much fun
 we went for a few walks and checked out the sewage drain cause there is nothing more exciting than this bad boy
 and we swung  with our boots and a smile
 then we kicked those boots off and smiled some more
 ellie swung this way
 then the kids found this sand toy and dug a huge hole with it and filled it with pine cones
 that ellie carried. not sure why they did this, i didnt mind it kept them busy and they worked together. ha
 joey was sliding, she had no time to collect pine cones or dig holes
 joey had a few more baths because this is how she typically looks after she eats. from her hair to her toes, covered in food
 we did another park. joey smiled some more
 i sat and drank my coffee
 ellie took a sec and posed for a pic. she is SO busy playing i dont get a chance to snap pics of her
 joey did some dancing
and nate sat beside me and talked...haha

SO nice that the weather is warming up. i CAN'T wait for summer!!!!

and that was a quick peek into our daily life!