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 nate gives joey a few pieces of his lego and she will sit and play with them for hours
 so, they called for snow sunday night.  we havent had much of that white stuff this winter, i was looking forward to some snow days!  well, we got the snow and snow days!  public school has been cancelled since last thursday!  we got hit with a massive blizzard sun-early this morning.  chris was off work yesterday and until noon today!  and guess what??  they are calling for another 20-40 cm's this thursday!
 joey wasnt sure about this snow stuff
 poke, poke, poke
 its cold!
 my beautiful joey
 ellie wasnt happy about being told its bed time. joey was. hahaha
 in door snow men were made
 poke, poke, poke. its cold!
 sneaky girl, whats she up to?
 this morning. my back deck
 front yard
 freshly snow blowed driveway, thanks chris!
 bath time fun! 
 some more snow fun this morning with daddy before joey's power nap
so yeah, a lot of bad weather, snow and cold.  we have played games, colored, done school, watched tv and played lots of video games....nate is thrilled that his friend has been at out place every afternoon since sunday to play. haha. 

happy snow day moncton!  bundle up and enjoy being lazy

im gonna have another cup of coffee!