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 last week nate decided my pantry was not organized and he took it upon himself to organize it for me. he did a great job, and totally reminds me of chris! haha

he even left notes and a chart to show me where things go. hahaha
 ellie is loving her school, she enjoys work books and learning.  im still not pushing it on her, i let her come to me and ask. which she does almost every day.  some days shes just not into it, and i let her go and play, other days she cant get enough! 
 she read this whole sentence, minus the word "share" all by herself!
 i wish i knew of these popcicle stick sight words when nate was little. ellie loves them
 i had to take pics of her because i think she's amazing. and soon those perfect teeth will be falling out!  stop time! i cant keep up
 on sat i surprised the kids by going to the movies, and preplanned friends to meet us there.  ellie found 3 gold coins and brought them to me. she said "mom! i found 3 shiny gold coins, now i can pay for you, me and nate to go to the movies"  the gold coins came to .7 cents.  exactly enough to buy us our movie tickets. she kept the coins in her hand until we got to the theater, then passed them to me to pay.  adorable. the guy at the counter totally went along with it

 ellie with her gold coins
 it was stupid cold on sat.  this is with out the wind chill!
 ellie had her first date! haha
 nate too!
i was able to have a quick chat with aralee, and she took nate home for the rest of the day/evening.  awesome!


quinn said...

so sad you couldn't come up this week to see me sing but when it is a bad snow storm you got to do whats bast and when you have a sick kid its bast to stay home but i look foreword to the next time you come up. the next time i sing you can come up if threes not a storm or someones sick. its okay it happens once or twice you should be happy you made that dassassin not to come up. i look foreword to see you next week. have a safe and helfey week.

mel said...

quinny! i marked your next time to sing on my calendar, so we will be there (minus a storm preventing it!) but maybe uncle chris can come too! the kids miss you guys, and me too. i cant wait until we see you again. nate is already talking about the sleep overs you guys will have in his new room when ellie moves out :) i love you quinn and cant wait to see you again!