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the last week!

 life has been SO busy the last week.  we had company with us for a week, my brother's wife's brother (follow that!) is married to chris's best friend's sister (follow that!)  from saskatoon (he was the best man in our wedding) pat came to moncton due to his mom's,  my sister in law's mother, who had serious complications from a knee surgery.  suri (jess and pat's mom) is still in the icu in the moncton pat joined our family for a week and we really had a great visit with him.  pat was totally social and into my crazy life and we spent a lot of time talking and hanging out in between hospital visits. i forgot to take a pic of having our usual routine interrupted and me playing host was fun.  i did get a little behind in housework, school work and all the fun in between.  the kids did great adjusting to him being around. 

we also had 2 massive snow storms last week, shutting school down for 4 days!  chris also had 2 days off work!  one of the days nate and his friend wanted a "man's meal" for lunch.  i had them peel and cut up the potatoes so i could make mash potatoes for them. then i used my AMAZING panini press to grill steak, it was SO good, i tossed some carrots and gravy and voila. a man's lunch...ha

i also had the boys clean up the mess. it was a great way to keep them busy

joey is starting to show interest in potty training!  to be honest, ive been so busy with life that i havent had 3 days to train her.  my plan is to do what i did with the other 2 and do 3 days hard core training.  im going to mark 3 days on the calendar in march and get this done!

joey asked to sit on the potty after she watched ellie, so i put her on.  ellie was talking her through the whole process. lots of "you are a big girl now" and "look at you joey!"
 joey just smiled. as usual. life is just such fun for her
 she is always smiling, and laughing
 this was the snow after the second storm. sigh. 
 front of the house
 my heart. i walked into the room and found this
joey loves her brother
 joey's first sucker!
 lol. the snow on the back deck, nate and cisco were sliding off the railing into the back yard
 sunday morning snuggles and books. daddy and his girls
 pat left sunday morning, my parents arrived sunday afternoon. i didnt tell the kids and they were SO happy to see them
a lot of dancing and snuggles happened
 more! more!
 we went for supper at nate's favorite restaurant. swiss chalet
 joey enjoyed her ice cream
 scrape, scrape, scrape
 big smiles
 joey joined us in the school room as nate finished his work up. joey worked away too
 my little lefty
 they are growing way too fast
 ellie got mail this week, nate too! thank you nana plumps
 joey was just excited to be alive!
 serious ellie. focused
 lots of card games were played
 and snuggles
 peek a boo
 tues night nate had a kids chocolate party at the church, he came out with a bag of candy and this box. i was expecting a huge treat, i opened the lid and saw this. a tiny cookie. hahaha a big enough box for it
 its the little things that make me laugh

 ive also been working on this project for the home educators of new bunswick for the biannual legislation day.  i hope to finish the project today...
 mom and dad left yesterday to some sad kids who have been asking for nana and papa all day
 thanks for the wonderful visit! 
and now to get back to life....

sorry for the lack of blogging, ive just been busy!  i hope to get back to regular posts this week


Ursi said...

Glad to hear you had some good visiting. I was starting to wonder if everything was ok, but I certainly know that business can sneak up on us! Our snow is disappearing fast. Now on to MUD season. Blah

shirley said...

Looking good Sister!