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kids and antics!

 last week i was working with nate in the school room and i came out to check on miss ellie and found door closed
and my bed full of stuffies
lights off but the fire place on
i asked her what was going on and ellie said "shhhh. its nap time. they are sleeping"  hahaha these silly times of play make me stop and smile
 nate took all his lego and remade most of them to match the box. i was impressed with his work
 last friday night was the big church family camp out, where families bring their tents and camp out in the church atrium.  i didnt go, i like my soft bed. ha but chris went with nate. they had a great time.  before the boys left i cleaned up the lower level, ran upstairs and came down to find my kitchen like this. the one i just cleaned.  i knew right away what ellie and joey did. they were playing camp out....with all the toys i just put away.  what can you do? i took a pic and had the girls clean it up. haha
 joey. joey. joey. happy. happy. happy!  this is what joey looks like 99% of the time
 chris was getting ready to head out with nate and joey ran up beside him.  perfect time for a family pic! ha
 daddy and his girls
 my men!
 ellie was allowed to sleep in my bed. i love cuddling with my ellie girl
 saturday i took the older 2 kids to play at the bouncy castle place. we arrived around 11, the place was PACKED at 12:30!  insanity!  i bought the kids a pop as a treat, weve been coming here for months and i REFUSED to pay 1.50 for a can of pop but on sat i was like "what the heck"  i bought them one. you would have thought i bought them the moon and stars
ellie was asking "can i have some nate?"
 love them!
 sunday morning i was fixing ellies hair while joey dressed herself. she was a pirate. haha
 they were singing
 my girls!  love them so much
SOOOOOO grateful we had them!  such life and laughter they bring to our family
 ellie was in jail. joey was the guard
and i cant believe its been another week! 

im kinda wanting a snow storm to come so i can take a day and stay home and get things done!