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jumping and climbing!

 monday nate asked if he could wear his jammy bottoms to get air. i said why not! lets be the stereotype home schoolers who wear pj's all day. hahaha. he wore them and his friends thought he was "so cool" to be allowed to wear them. ha

it was out last session to jump.  i had a GREAT time, i made many new connections, caught up with friends and enjoyed getting out for adult talk.  the kids made new friends and joey even left my lap a few times to jump. haha

ellie was waiting for her best friend judah to come, they were running a bit late so ellie found harriet and they perched themselves on the block to wait for judah to come. ha.  ellie even wrote a letter and mailed it to judah this week. so cute
 joey wearing ellie's old hat. this hat is a keeper for the save collection.  my heart wants to yell STOP to time.  time just goes by too fast
 yesterday we hit up party place.  the original plan was to not go with the roads being not that great, but after i checked the weather for thurs and fri and saw the snow thats coming i quickly messaged some home schoolers to come out!  lol  i need adult conversation ESP with some snow days a coming

joey left my lap for almost the whole 2.5 hrs we were there!!!!  she stayed with ellie and harriet.  they helped joey climb the climbing wall!  harriet went to the top, ellie showed jpey how to do it and i snapped a few pics
 see! this is how you do it!
 and yes, i wash their feet before we leave. haha
 look at my BABY go!!!!!
 some more encouragement!
 and a final boost from big brother!
and a spontaneous, super fun afternoon was had!


Ursi said...

It's so awesome that you have all those cool places available! We have a small, old library 5 min away, an ice rink for skating (only Wednesdays) 1/2 hr away and anything else is about 1 hr drive. So we don't do much...even for a place to walk or ride the bikes we have to drive at least 15 min. I must say I envy that aspect of living in a bigger centre. But I get to have chicken (and pigs this year) in my backyard. I guess you're u can't have everything, eh?

mel said...

im super happy that moncton has an AWESOME home school community, we do maybe 1/4 of what they offer! i try to find activities we can all do together, or for cheap. haha. wanna know whats funny? last week i was telling some friends all about you, your gardens, your knitting/quilting (they saw the bag you made me for chrstmas and asked about it) you canning and living in the country and how i cant wait to live in the country again. haha

cant wait to see you guys this spring!