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oh ellie!

 i love the fall! i have taken advantage of the nice weather and get the kids out as much as we can before the snow hits, then i stay in side! ha

the other day, during school, ellie disappeared.  i went looking for her and found her like this. smelling the lindor chocolate bunny.  not eating it. just smelling it. i asked her what she was doing, she said :im smelling the bunny, it smells like chocolate. i like chocolate. mmmmmmmm"  hahaha
 then another morning, during school she again, disappears...i find her like this
 she found a sucker and was going to town on it!
ellie is such a funny thing.  the things that come out of her mouth keeps us laughing. i love her.  this morning, i was talking to chris about the things we need to do today and she comes running over and says "mommy! i can come with you! i can help! i will walk and hold hands in the parking lot, but not in the store. i can walk!" i asked her where she wanted to go and she said "superstore" ha