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 chris was very impressed with his mad apple skills. look at the cider and apple sauce he made! 

little jo jo silhouette. love her
 sat, i took ellie out to run errands, she was SO tired.  she asked me to hold her hand, so while i drove home i reached around and held her hand, 2 min later she was out!
 i slipped my hand out of hers, then unloaded the car, put the groceries away, had a coffee, got jo up from her nap, changed her bum, had another coffee, made lunch for chris and called him in and had him wake her up. she was out cold! ha
 it's not often that i have a brain fart that is awesome! while i was at the $ store i saw colored sticks and velcro. i added bling and voila!  instant activity for ellie! but the prob is nate and his friend likes to play with them too! haha.  these simple sticks have kept the kids busy for the last few days and cost me 2.00 to make!  score for non t.v creativity!