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 i took nate with me to vote on monday, and had the time to explain the whole process to him, he was very thrilled that he was allowed to come behind the cardboard and watch me vote! 

mon after school there was a meeting of the mom's in my back yard, the kids got off school and stayed to play the mom's chatted.  i dressed the kids up and went out to be social.  i put jo in her BABY snow suit, not water proof but very warm. its a sz 12 months and she FITS! it!  she is so tiny compared to the other two. 
 there is a tale on the bum and its SO cute how she crawls off with it wagging.  we all laughed
 wag wag. my little puppy jo. she does follow me around the house too
 blowing kisses!
 mon night jo was up most the night, working on 2 more teeth and having a grand old time in her crib, she was the party package and invited us all to come. i showed up to shut it down. haha. so tues morning i woke her up at 9, yes, 9 and she would not get up!  i finally had to pick her up and change her bum!  she was SO tired....i took a pic of my tired baby girl
at lunch today nate said "mom, jo is really changing her looks, she looks much older!" she is turning into a toddler!