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silly stuff

 little jo jo. such a card. we adore this gal

its minion month at church, so we decided to do minions with the kids for saturday.  ellie has been running around the house yelling "BANNANA BANANA!"
 my little book worm.  after im done school with nate, its time for ellie's book time.  she loves to sit and read books with me. i dont mind the snuggles. so grateful im home with them
 yesterday morning i went to make bread for breaky and popped open the toaster oven (nate likes his bread toasted in the toaster oven, not the toaster, cause its better that way! ha)  and voila i see this!
 i called ellie over and i asked her what she did and she said "i wanted toast with butter and jam, so i made it.  is it ready?" it was rock hard and who knows how long she actually cooked it. i think it sat over night. i laughed. what a turkey. they watch everything we do!