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 today was beautiful! the wind was a blowing, so i took the older 2 kids to the park for a picnic/play time while jo stayed home and napped. i found a new park that i heard about and decided to check it out.  the playground was taken out this summer and replaced with a natural park.  the kids LOVED it. spent over 2 hours here! 
 trees/logs/stumps were in place of monkey bars/swings.  really, what kids doesnt want to climb on trees???
 so beautiful
 ellie was telling me "im ok mom, i am being careful" haha
 more logs
 and timmy's!
 balance ropes too!
 i went down the slide as well. it was a really fun park. totally reminded me of parks i went to in calgary
 a bench made from a log, and more tree stumps to climb over
 such imagination
 ellie was asking nate"what are you looking at nate?"
 we visited the ducks, but we had no food. we ate it. ha.  nate fell in the pond shortly after this pic was taken. and still stayed at the park for another hour.  we threw rocks and tried not to hit the ducks. ha

i am so glad i had the chance to spend some time outside, exploring on such a nice day.  soon the snow will be here....sob sob


Ursi said...

Hi Mel,
I think it's so awesome that you take your kids out to parks to play so often. I have to drive at least 20 min before I get to a park where we could just go and explore and I have to admit that I rarely take the time:( The kids do love to play outside in all our sheds and with the chickens. Helping in the garden is usually not on the top of their list of things to do, but they help if we play "garden fairies" :)
I so wish we were closer!!!!

mel said...

oh my word ursi! i think of you often and the amazing job you are doing! you provide SO much for your girls! tree cutting, gardening, canning, cooking (i suck at cooking!)the outside lifestyle! the woods and trees in your back yard, the chickens and hens! ha seriously, you have so much! i do wish we lived closer, it would be nice to do things together, and with the kids ;) come down to n.b! its so cheap to live here and we have so many trees! google irving! haha. seriously thou, it would be nice to get to know your girls more. i see the pics/crafts around my house that your girls made for me and i smile. you are a fab mom!