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 she wrote her own name! hee hee
 ellie was so excited to see her abc's, as she calls them
 last night, after i put jo to bed i found them like this. i asked nate what she was saying and he told me she was whispering in his ear "you are a poopy head"
 love their bond
so ellie is this chatter box of redic-ness.  she i so adorable in her chitter chatter and we love just listening to the things that come out of her mouth.  some prime examples are:

i gave her the last pudding on monday. she said "oh, no mom!  please put this on your list; pudding for me, next time you go shopping"


waking up the other morning she greets me with "good morning mama, did you have a good sleep?"

then, asking for chips and i told her we didnt have any she said :oh, call papa chips and ask him for some to bring to me" bwahhhhh

she is just too funny, we think anyways

cant wait to see what jo jo is like


Crystal said...

What is with pooy head... My kids are always saying that too... I gave up trying to get them to stop, as I guess there are far worse things they could be saying. And they always seem to say it in a funny teasing way, and not really a mean thing. then they end up giggling after they say it.

mel said...

i know! whats with the poop and pee talk? kids! they are nasty i tell you! wait intill ellie hits the bathroom and comes out yelling "come see my poop, its a BIG ONE" and shows me....oya!