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family game night!

 our church hosted it's annual family game night, so fun!  i truly enjoy my new church.  the kids had so much fun and i did end up meeting 2 ladies and more kids. ha  we had pizza, pop, chips and treats, games and lots of laughter. all for 15.00. score!
 jo had a party on her own!  what is it with kids and dumping buckets! ha

one of the many games we played
 ellie had the pinkest cheeks from running most of the night
 its a family affair
 building a balloon tower, while my job was to hold jo and keep her away. haha
 jo loved playing with these cuties
 playing balloon ball
 the best, they gave each table an envelope of play money, each table had a different amount. then you bid on desserts for your table. ha LOVE this.  we got the first dessert, giving all our money for a mcbuns skor cheese cake. i think we got the best dessert
we really enjoyed ourselves, the kids too. bonus!  the kids slept in and we got up at 9!