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more life

 ellie wrote her name!  then drew circles. good job ellie!

nate and i finished up the defender series, the war of 1812.  he was going through his book and showed ellie his war page. she was totally into it!  we started a new series on the native people.  nate is really enjoying it.  more than the war of 1812.  there is so much to cover thou, and im using 3 different books, so i feel bit overwhelmed at taking this subject on
 the girls playing together!  so fun to watch.  on the way home in the car nate asked me if i could have another baby, a brother for him to play with.  nate feels sad that the girls play together and he doesnt have a brother. my heart
 check out her little face, her little nose, those eye lashes!
 peeking over the table, playing (eating) the puzzles
 my little joy joy
 chris got apples.  he doesnt do anything 1/2 @ss does he?  hahaha  he made apple sauce last night, i think he thought it would last at least a week....there is about a cup left.....hahaha
and with that i am wrapping up another week.  we have slipped into a routine and life is good.  ellie, as much as i adore and love her, is being a wee bit tricky this week, she is being a little turkey and challenging me. althou, her defiance is much softer than her brother (and i admit, really cute to watch) it's defiance nonetheless and i have to stop what im doing and correct the trying 3's....but i remind myself of this

the days are long
but the years are short

this too shall pass