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 i allow my kids to slide off the deck steps into the shop's door.  ha. i just told them to be careful and only go down bum on the sled and not head first. ha
 so fun!
 so, ellie is officially no longer napping.  which makes school time interesting... for the most part she is good but there are moments im like "this is NUTS" then i refocus and remember its not the lesson that needs to be taught, but its really a test on how i choose to react to the situation and NOT use the tv to babysit...when i can i involve ellie in the class.  watching video's (above, the beaver) and helping me with flash cards, a lot of the time she will go to her preschool drawer and pull out her stuff, or she will play with her babies and the play kitchen.  i do most of the book school work with nate during johana's nap.  when jo's awake, im pretty put tied to the girls....but its just a season, one that will pass and i dont want to wish this time away....
 i caught this on camera!  ellie was helping jo sit in the bench that i 'borrowed' from my sister, it's really a plant holder but it's the perfect size for johana
 and back to silly, we love you! johana bean
 silly johana.  cant imagine not having you. so thankful you are my baby


wk-eigenheer said...

Hope to be soon with you once and enjoy the fun together .Oh it is so fun... down the stair .. and not be forbidden. I like your attitude.

Ursi said...

Oh I remember those days with the two little girls!!! I missed that nap time!! I think I'm finally learning to really enjoy where the kids are at,Mather than wishing the phase would pass. (Either that, or I'm just better with school age kids than with toddlers and preschoolers😜).
Life is good and I love having the extra time with the girls at home. Seeing them grow and learn.