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 i forgot to post the best christmas gift!  chris made me a paper dispenser.  he bought me 3 huge rolls of this paper back in the summer at a tool auction, i admit i mocked him when he showed me, then he told me what he wanted to do with it. i LOVE it and have used it a few times already.  its the best for easy art project clean up!
 its out of the way too, so im not bu,ping into it...its very tight in this area...
i just pull the paper down and tear up!  voila!

thanks chris. i love it!
 ellie wanted her picture taken the other day. what a stinker doll
 so, the last few days during school ellie gets her doll, puts on a hat and gloves and pokes her doll with pins. i was like what???

i asked her what she was doing and she said "im a doctor. my baby is sick and needs a needle"
i wonder if she will one day be a doctor? ha