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wake up call

i was woken from my deep sleep last night (i was sleeping good ear up!) and i could hear johana calling out. it varied from a quiet cry to a longer more sharp "help"  i sat on the edge of my bed to identify the problem before i went to her

i could tell before i got to the room, just by listening to her crys that she was cold, wet and in pain.  i went in and there she sat. blankets kicked away, making a moaning sound

i picked her up and yes, she was very cold.  and wet.  as i changed her bum she took her sooky out and pointed to her gums.  she actively communicated with me that she was in pain.  i gave her some medicine. put another layer of clothing on, grabbed her blanket and took her to the rocker

she looked up and me and smiled
the reached her tiny hand and placed it on my mouth

i felt the tears flow. that movement was the first physical response she made when placed on my chest.  she put her hand on my mouth.  i felt that she was actually saying 'thank you'

i kissed her hand.  and wrapped her back up. she looked at me and smiled then closed her eyes and fell back to sleep. 

i rocked her and the verse from psalms 91 "when you call out, i will answer' came to my mind.  how often do i cry out to god, and how often does he answer?  as silly as it seams that johana called out to me, i answered. i protected her, i responded. i held her. i loved on her. i didn't yell, scream, ignore and go to her annoyed. 

god doesnt do that to us.  no matter how many times i call out to him to forgive me, help me, encourage me. he ALWAYS answers.  how much do i want to be rocked in a blanket and be put to sleep by a god who always answers me.  amazing love

maybe it was just that my sleep was interrupted but the simple concept of me calling and god answering with mercy and love just blew me away...

so thankful for a loving, forgiving, kind father-god


Ursi said...

Thanks for sharing this story. I am encouraged by it to call out and then take the time to "snuggle" with my God.

Wishing you a great rest of the week! Mom and Dad will be there soon.

Crystal said...

I am sad that my snuggling days are going to come to an end. I am lucky that they both still crave a good snuggle every now and then because it does me just as much good (if not more).

mel said...

i kissed ellie good night last night and she now says "you come back and pick me up and take me to your bed so i can sleep with you" i did but she doesn't stay long, she kicks and tosses and keeps me awake!