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 this cracked me right on up.  nate drew up a CONTRACT for me to SIGN that tells how much money i owe him. haha.  i pay him for watching his sisters every once and awhile, he wants to save up for a new video game and i refuse to pay for it.  so he wanted me to hire him for jobs out side his ive hired him and last week he made me sign for what i owe. haha  just like his dad! i was impressed with his business savvy

i indro'd a new lesson a few weeks back, one that i have been putting off since last year...i figured he would HATE and fight me the whole's poetry and thinking the dude (god love him) has ZERO creativity in language arts he would struggle with it....

NOT the case. he is really good at it!  and LIKES it! i find him working away at it, quiet, concentrating and i had to snap a pic...yeah nate!
 meanwhile as he wrote away, ellie was running around with blocks yelling 'CHEESE MOMMY!" 
 johana decided to try her hand at feeding herself
 all done!
 love her. she looks down then peeks up. so cute
 i was grocery shopping and found these, i had a childhood flash back of how my dad ate these all the time. so i picked them up and told n and e about why i bought them.  they love "papa's cookies" as ellie calls them...and for store bought, they aren't that bad!
 sunday after church, for the record the service was amazing!  i decided to surprise the older 2 by taking them out for lunch. in a sit down restaurant.  nate's favorite place, swiss chalet. so fun!
 it was a great time and super funny to watch chris's face when we came home and told him that we went out to eat with out him! hahaha
 johana missed my stern warning to the kids about NEVER TOUCHING MY COLORING BOOK. EVER!  chris found johana going to town....hahaha