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3 yrs already????

happy 3rd birthday my little lady!  ellie, my ellie!  has it really been 3 years since they put you on my chest and i saw you for the first time???  i was amazed by how much you looked like nate and how adorable your little nose and toes are...then i saw you bum. ha  oh ellie, my ellie.  so thankful for you.  the light, love and laughter you brought into our home. you were the little bundle of joy we so desperately needed, loved and so desired.

 ellie my ellie, my little lady in an adorable dress, with curly hair and a glimmer in your eye. you love balloons, bubbles, swimming and your yaya.  at 3, you are the funniest little thing, you say the cutest things "oh brother!" "can you believe it?" and "that's disgusting" and my favorite when i give you something to eat that you don't like |no thank you, i dont really like that"

you love your sleep, you love your dolls and taking care of all their needs, all over the house we find your babies in various states of dress, napping and bottling.  you love to giggle with johana calling her your baby!

 most of all, you adore your yaya, your buddy.  your big brother and protector.  you look up to him, lay on him and share your giggles with him.  you have a great mix of your dad and i in you, but to be honest, i see my sister the most in you!  so many times i look down and see your aunty in your face.  good thing she's a cutie. ha 

ellie, my ellie!  i love you so much. to the moon and back.  you have your daddy's heart all wrapped up in your adorable fingers, and you light up my days with your antics.  from the moment i get you up in the mornings, until i put you to bed, you fill my days with crazy good!  so glad god gave you to us!  we needed you, my little gem!

what will this year be like for you? what will you do? what will you see/discover/learn?  what will you teach me?  i am looking forward to watching you.  i love  you! 
happy 3rd birthday eliana rhe!


Ursi said...

Happy Birthday Ellie!! I can't believe you're three years old and we have yet to see you in person!! I'm so glad your mommy does such a good job keeping us in the loop with her blog. Your cousins Katie and Maya always like looking at your pictures and reading stories about you and your family. We wish you a wonderful year and hopefully we'll get to see you someday soon.
Lots of love, aunty Ursi, uncle Jeff, Katie and Maya

Crystal said...

I love you, my mini-me! I love your spirit, and how good you are to your sister! You are an amazing girl. Love you!

Papa said...

Ellie Bellie

This is your Papa Chips and I'm soooooooooooo Blessed to call you my grand daughter.

Shall see ya next week.

Papa Chips