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 we had friends over wed night, there was 7 kids in total, not including jo. i was super impressed with my kabobs! they turned out SO good!, we also had sausage, hot dogs and a huge salad....i was so impressed with how well ALL the kids played together. i was actually able to TALK to my friend, with out interruptions for over an HOUR. this is a record!

of course, the skys opened and POURED when chris went out to bbq, so he got creative and stayed dry....and ate the food. hahaha BUSTED
 ellie and a.  sitting at the table. chris brought it in for the kids to eat off of, after he dried it off! and ive kept in inside since. we use the table much more now that it's inside!
 see. ha.  nate and ellie working on a project. jo was belly sliding around
 so, i put jo to bed and come down to this.  i was like ellie what are you doing???? she's hiding in the front room with a LOADED water gun. she said "im waiting for yaya. im going to get him" bawahhhhhh LOVE it
 my girls.  dressed the same!  i bought the one jo is wearing 3 yrs ago with my sis, she bought one for charlie....and i inherited it!  love it! its a mini mel and cry!
 my love bug, running errands with me. she is SO good to take out.  the only reason why i didnt take ellie was because she was in the pool (ellie LOVES to go out with me)