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carnival and home!

 sun morning we hit up the rock church family carnival. it was fun, the kids ate too much junk food, played some games, did some dancing and ellie ate 2 suckers.  a first for her, ive never let her have a sucker before....the crew resting with some hot dogs and shawn keeping an eye out for illegal activities...sigh....haha
 cry and charlie girl!

charlie entertained us by posing. POSING. she's 5! haha too funny
 she sees you
 where is my baby????
 brother and sister love while watching the games
 and ellie crashed for an HOUR and 1/2!! she was SO tired from the weekend
 this am, i took the kiddos to the park to play and run, while chris and i chatted and caught up from the wkend. my jo jo girls. oh how i missed her. i love this girl!
 nate took ellie to the fountain, it was just cleaned and they were filling it up. both of them got SOAKED and had so much fun
 chris and i stayed on the blanket and enjoyed jo
so blessed.  so thankful. such joy!