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the girls

 i was feeding jo and not really paying much attention, when i looked up i giggled and smiled.  ellie and her baby.  what a little mommy she is
 jo's back in the corner again!  but shes ok. she yells "HI YA! BABA MAMA!!!!" for me to move her in the middle of the floor....shes not crawling but is able to roll/scoot/wiggle from one room to another.  i had chris put the baby gate up at the top of the stairs last week. sigh.  it went up for the last time! sob sob
 Monday morning, it was...SHOCK...raining....and with work to do, i put them in the playroom and got them busy while i tried to get some things worked ok....haha

jo played in the corner with a rope and spoon
ellie painted
 nate worked on color blending
 i like to make faces with nate's breakfast ONLY bec i know he secretly loves it but wont admit it....hahaha