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 we celebrated the goodness of god this weekend, he gave me more than i ever dreamed of, with 2 little girls.  i wanted to have a small, family party and just enjoy, well, family!  mom, dad, cry, quinn and charlie came up fri and stayed with us. sat i had quinn help me decorate and he really helped!

 quinn set up his game area. he did such a great job, i am totally having him help me again!  note nate in the back ground on the computer....playing mindcraft. haha
 quinn did this himself. what a dude!
 the prize shelf
 then i had the boys help chop and make the kabobs for supper. but this changed to take out pizza, dad was not into the whole kabob idea. too bad cause we bbq'd them last night and they were AWESOME
 jo in her party dress
 the boys waiting for the party to start
 my little one year old
 i did make an eliana sign on the other side to match jo, but the pic's didnt turn out
 ellie went right to her inflatable pool toys that i got her for her birthday.  she loved them and carried them with her most of the afternoon
i am so happy with the party. it was simple, quiet and fun. the girls loved having their nana and papa around, ellie enjoyed her cousins and we were able to take a moment and truly thank god for what he's done for us. from barren and broken to blessed and bountiful. i am so thankful for my kids.  thank you god!


Jonathan said...

Sorry to have missed this, looked like smiles in bunches there.

mel said...

yea, you missed a slamming partay, you party skipper! haha

mel said...

hey uncle jon you have a baby now