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 i took the kids to a new to them park yesterday morning. nate hung with jo, while i played with ellie in the park.  then ellie made a friend and i was free to go back to jo.  nate is such a great helper, i totally missed him while he was gone!
 nate took  nap
 ellie played peek a boo while she swung
 jo hung with the ball
 ellie hugged a tree
the birds were so active, we all stopped to listen to them and try to find them in the trees. so fun. i love watching the wonder in ellie's eyes as she discovers something new to her. 
jo jo on the move!

we are enjoying the summer. getting into a new routine.  jo is waking up earlier in the mornings now, around 7:30-8, so i am having fun with all the kids at the breaky table.  ellie has gone back to her 2.5 hrs naps, i think the sun and the mornings out are making her tired. ha.  so im relaxing and purging during that time. i love not rushing around as much, enjoying the extra hr i have with out thinking in aug i go back to the school room and plan out nate's grade 3....for now im just enjoying life. 

we have decided to be more social, inviting new friends over and such, connecting with old friends. i feel that we should never lose relationships with ppl because we just moved to a new building to glad ppl feel the same way too.  and its much easier to have big families over when it's bbq season and the kids can be out side! haha