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clay cafe!

 so, for quinn's birthday gift i decided to not buy him stuff but instead do something with him.  with him living in hali and me in moncton this was quite challenging to find something for us to do...i finally found clay cafe in halifax, i wrote up a coupon for quinn explaining that his gift was for 1 afternoon with me at the clay cafe, painting a pottery piece that will be fired and he can keep it.  i gave him the option of bringing 1 person....he chose to bring nate and aunty came too :).  we took the boys in to halifax sat morning and they picked their piece,  quinn picked a shark and nate a skull.  after the instructions from the ppl who worked there we picked the colors.  nate stood there for 10 mins choosing his colors very carefully. i thought the activity would be light hearted and fun, but i was wrong!  BOTH boys were VERY serious the whole time, they didnt laugh or joke, instead they painted and were very careful with the whole thing. it was funny to watch them. 
 this is very serious work
 no time to fool around
 no details were missed
 the concentration was on their faces
 no silly boy behavior until they were done
 proudly showing their pieces off, they are being fired this week and cry will pick them up on thurs
nate asked me after if he could do something with me for his party instead of getting a gift.  my heart!  i think im going to stick with this idea, i enjoyed making memories with these 2 monkeys!