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 i left to run in the house and came back to ellie pushing jo jo. my heart!  i pray that they value their relationship and grow close.  sisters are built in besties!
 johana loves the swing!  i have worn the grass out in the spot where i stand to push the girls.  ha  for real, there is a bald spot!
 just chilling
after helping me clean out the pool the older 2 wanted to swim. and they played for an HOUR!  in the water, this is a record for nate.

funny ellie story. i am cleaning the pool out, with my back to ellie. i turn around and see her butt naked squatting on the grass!! she was peeing!!!!  hahahahaha i told her she can only do that at the park (there are no bathrooms there and i use trees so no one can see!) but it was funny to see
 johana on elmo!
 love my baby
 almost 1! sob sob. where ever did this yr go. so, so glad we had her.  so thankful that god blessed us with this monkey.