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quinns party!

 for quinn's party this yr, cry had it early and we went to the indoor rock climbing place!  the kids lined up to get their safety harness on
 ellie came but was too young to climb on the wall. instead she got a balloon and was very happy with that. then she sat down and waited for the cake. haha
 the kids lined up for the instruction. thats a whole lot of kids!
 and ellie still waited for the cake
 cry, shawn, another mom and myself had the job of tying the kids in and propelling them with the ropes up and down the wall.  it was tiring!  man!  but it was fun to be with the kids. i even met and remembered each of the kids names!  whoo hoooo. quinn tested me on the way home and i got them all right. haha
 quinn heading up the wall
 then taking a rest
 then nate went up
 my boy! 
 after 1.5 hrs the kid stopped for some junk fuel and cake
 happy birthday quinn!
 and the girls jumped. and jumped. and jumped!
we went back to the house for pizza and presents!  i cant believe quinn is 8 (on aug 1) man, time has passed by so fast!