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weekend pics

the whole point of the weekend was for shawn to come up and help chris build his shop. this is chris friday early evening. the starting point.
nate inspecting daddy's work (nate is wearing his "work overalls"

the end. this pic was taken sat night at quitting time. pretty good eh.
let's start back at the beginning.

jon and jess showed up fri night around 7 for some nate time. nate was delighted to have a new person read to him his fav book. i refuse to read it anymore. it's an adorable book but after the 20th time in an hour it gets a wee bit old.

yeahhh for aunty jess!

sat morning breaky. dad made his famous bacon (barf) eggs and toast. check the mess out in the back ground. yikes. it's only 9 am.

back to work boys. this was taken 10ish, i was on my way out the door to go to costco. we needed more food.

naps are done, the boys are working away. sat afternoon 2ish. while they slaved away we went

swimming! dad, mom, cry, moi and the boys went for a dip.

when we got back around 5ish the boys were still slaving away. please notice that the top of the roof of the shop is as tall as the neighbour's ROOF.

actually, i think it's taller. good work boys.

after supper, quinn went for a drive

then nate was pushed by poppy

awww that's my nate.

snuggles on the couch with uncle jon after everyone left

it was a fun, full weekend. sunday we invited jess's parents over to meet mom and know the big in-law parent meet. can i just say that we are so blessed to have wonderful in-laws. me with the eig's, cry with shawn's wonderful parents (i mean, hello i went on vacation with nanna rose) and now jon with jess's parents. they are so fun and so easy to talk with. me likes them mucho.
thank god for family.