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all cleaned up

so i am learning a lesson....don't blog when nate is running around, i tend to make lots of mini mistakes. ha. so i have to correct, i meant noah not moses when i referred to the many days of rain.....which have not stopped. it's calling for more rain this yeah, noah was the dude that wanted to see land, not moses. ha.

i finally cut nate's hair and cleaned the boy up. he looks better with his new do. there he is with our wonderful nursery coordinator mrs. carson. she is so amazing with the kids!

the sleep experiment.

so, i noticed that on the nights i would put nate to bed past his normal bedtime (7) he would wake up earlier. a few weeks ago, i was putting him to bed from 7:30-8:30, he started to wake up at 8:30, then 8, then 7, then 6:45, woahhhh. to early for me. so last week i put him to bed at 7, guess what?

he slept in every morning from 8:30-9. i had to wake him up 2 mornings last week! seriously! wheee. back to the reg bed time baby!