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the tent

so, we need a tent. i sent chris off to get us a tent. lesson learnt. do. not. send. chris to the store.
chris came home with a tent. actually, it's a mini-home tent. this thing is huge. it has 3 rooms, an entrance, and sleeps 14. i could not get a picture of the whole thing. chris was pleased with his purchase.
i tried to get a pic of the whole thing from nate's room. it takes up what's left of my back yard.

chris, hon. i love ya but do we really need a tent this large for 3 of us? are we going to have a tent sleep over party and we need the room? oy.
i took this pic about 1/2 hr ago. i love just before a storm hits, i think it's cosy. i am so surprised more rain....
our 1 tree in the back yard. ha.
so mom and dad come up from hali to treat us to a weekend of help. they watched nate sat night while chris and i had a date. it was SO much fun. we went to graffiti (SO good) i ate, relaxed and shopped with out a toddler. it was seriously a nice break. then they took nate to church on sunday for us, chris and i were teaching and it was a super sunday, i loved the break. thanks mom and dad.