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peek a boo and the shop

how could i make a post and not include a pic of naters?
shop update-it's primered and painted. yes, you read that right. the shop is painted. it's actually a nice color, not at all what i thought chris would's a greeny/yellow. when i asked him why paint a shop, he said why not? if he's going to spend a lot of time out there, shouldn't it be a fun, happy, creative color? that's chris for you.
also note the amount of electrical outlets on the back wall....yep, 6.

another shot of the color
and more electrical outlets on the other wall. chris has a lot of tools to plug in. he's going to be 1 busy guy making all those things he has promised me....saving us thousands of dollars....*cough*
i also want to add. yes, the electrical outlets are all at waist height. i mocked this at first. i have how ever made some humble pie and ate it. i have them in the house them. i never have to bend over to plug the vacuum or mop. i have a plug at each light switch. love it....and yes, it would be a swiss thing.