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package for nate

nanny and poppy sent a gift to nate, to help make him feel better. ignore the bed head, he just woke up from his nap

what's this i see?
a boy doll. i am comfy enough with nate's masculinity to have him play with a boy doll
reading the card
kisses for the baby. i taught nate how to kiss, so now he's forever grabbing my face and planting a big one on me and he's not a sloppy, icky, wet kisser. ha. i taught him well


Em said...

Good son give snotty kisses...even Zayne says "EWWWW!!" after McAuley plants a big wet one on her face...

And yes, McAuley has a stroller and he likes to push a doll in it. We tool them out for a walk with their babies....and if the way he pushes a baby stroller is any indication of what he'll do behind the wheel...he is NEVER driving. EVER!