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canada day

it was raining, surprise, surprise....what is it day 13? anyways, we went out for breaky and took nate to a park to try out his legs.
we had to stop to smell the flowers. ok, this is how the whole flower smelling started. when ever we go to s'store for groceries, i always stop and smell the flowers. nathaniel has watched me do it his whole life, so he does it.
throwing a big rock
then quinn came by for a visit. the boys decided to stack the couch pillows on top of the train table and lay down on it. how could i tell them no? they were having so much fun and looked so cute!
we also discovered that we have PRIME fireworks viewing from our loft baby, prime! it was awesome and i am very impressed with moncton's fire works. they were longer than any fire works i have seen in hali!....and now i don't even have to leave my house!