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sunny sunday

we FINALLY had some beautiful weather yesterday. so we took nate to the water splash park. he was a wee bit overwhelmed (me too) by the hundreds of kids.
getting more comfy with this whole water park thing

cute shot of my boy
there is this huge, yellow bucket that fills with a large amount of water, when it's filled in tips over and splashes the kids. nate was scared and yet intrigued at the same time. he spent a lot of time just watching it.
still watching
wheee water
after the bucket would spill, nate would run over and tell us what happened. when he doesn't know the words to use, he uses his hands to demonstrate. ha

then we went to the park. where i sat on the blanket and watched him play

peeking out to make sure i was still there
whee. big boy. he doesn't need my help anymore. sniff, sniff.
chris now has this great (ok, it's super cool) idea. he wants to make our driveway a mini splash park. he wants to rig up some pipes, get a motor and install a mini splash pad before we pave/concrete the driveway. i think it's a cool idea. really, how many ppl have a splash/sprinklers in their driveway?
on a nate note. he is doing better. i know that he is totally testing me. i am praying that god will give me the right words at the right time, the right ideas and creative way to discipline and communicate to him....this parenting thing is hard!