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zoo day x's 4?!

where oh where do i want to go first? bears? lions? fish? (nate looked at the sign and made every animal noise)
on the way back from the lion and fish (he is obsessed with fish) we stopped to say hi to the donkeys. nate was patiently waiting for them to arrive

" come here, i have rocks for you" ( i tried telling him that they don't like rocks, they like grass)

ohhh getting closer

wheee. so much fun these donkeys are!
ok, here is 3 tiny blades of grass that i picked for you

i'll get you some more

there ya go
off to terrorize the poor ducks
i'm coming!

i'm gonna get you!
puff, puff. still chasing
on to the guinea pigs. he brought them his sticks and rocks, they didn't want them, nate was sad

nate was impressed with the jaguar. he was following it, having a grand ol time.
today was so nice out. i decided to take nate to the zoo. when i went into get him up (at 8:20) i told him we were going to the zoo! he freaked, jumped off my lap (we were cuddling on the rocker) ran to the stairs and back, roaring, barking, quacking the whole time. he was a wee bit excited.
he did really well, his leg crapped out after an hour and 20ish minutes. so i carried him out. his leg is getting stronger everyday.
this whole zoo pass rocks. i love it. great idea chris!