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water fowl park

quinn "dude, that's a stuffed duck"
nate " quack, quack, dude, where's your stick?"
let's go explore this place

"nate, i got my stick"

let's find a stick for aunty jess

"i looked so hard for you jess and i just couldn't find a stick for you"

quinn needed some time alone to reflect on life
cry carrying a heavy load
quinn put himself in time out, more reflecting perhaps?
look at those ducks
quack, quack more ducks
cry, shawn and quinn hunting for more sticks and ducks

all by myself, i don't wanna be all by myself...
nate's leg bummed out at the 1/2 way point, we all took turns carrying him.
i spent the morning hanging with cry, shawn, jess and quinn. we meet up in sackville and took the boys to the park to play and burn some energy. the rain held off until i got on the highway, and it hasn't stopped.....what is it day like 14 now??? man, i feel for moses, he must have been itching to see land.
other news.
my old chum marla called me yesterday to let me in on her baby news! she is due dec 19 and i could not be more happy for her. yeah for mar-mar-joy-joy! yeah for babies!