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another leg, another cast

naters had not had a full bath in a week. the dude stunk. i had chris rig him up a cast cover and we taped it really well. some how water got in the cast. after using my blow dryer for 15 mins and knowing that it was not going to work. chris and i cancelled our much needed home date, tossed nate in the car (not really tossed) and off we went to the dumont. they are SO awesome. they registered nate and told us to come back in 2 hrs. we went home, had supper and ice cream and around 10 we went back to the dumont.

nate had to color a pic before we saw the dr.

* i MUST add, chris was the one who dressed nate ...NOT me*

chris was showing nate the fish on his cast while we waited to have it cut off. we waited less than 5 mins to see a dr.

nate was so upset when he saw the big machine that would cut the cast off. i was a great mother and took pics while chris comforted nate. ha

there we go. 3 ppl to do the job. the cast was cut on both sides, it took less than 5 mins. the blade doesn't actually cut, it's still vary scary to a kid

good job nate! he was given a sugar filled freeze as a reward.
after the cast came off we saw the dr, nate was then put on the floor to walk. right away we noticed something was wrong with his right leg.
off we went to the x-ray dept for x-rays on his right foot
waiting for the verdict. the dr came back and told us the right foot was severely broken. and needs a cast for 3 weeks.
we are not sure what happened and why it was not noticed last week. the only thing we can come up with is 2 x-rays were taken of the left leg instead of 1 right and 1 left

oh no! not another cast!

nate was playing with his old cast as the new one was put on

he was in quite a bit of pain. poor dude. we have 3 more weeks to go! blah.
we were in and out of the hospital in 2 hrs. i am so pleased with the dumont, i can't say enough great things about them.
it was raining this morning so chris and i took nate to the mall. chris needs new! shopping! my fav things!! whee.
so there ya go.