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home again!

so, i spent another few days in hali. my sis took 2 days off and we were able to hang out. like the good ol' days, but with a few breaky before noon, breaks for naps, going out after bed time and ummm....yeah the good old days.

we went on another walk, really when you have a leg in a cast your activities are limited.

cry and quinn and more water

nate finally found a comfy way to rest his busted up leg

my new fav pic of the quinster. cute much?

run quinn run

quinn and cry getting ready for our big day. on wed we took the boys on the link bus to halifax

then we went on a boat. poor nate saw the water from his stroller

nana and poppa were there also

cry with her phone permanently stuck to her ear, you know cry a vacation means NO work...lalala

ohhh more water and a snack on the way to darthmouth

then we saw big trucks and bulldozers. whee!

then back on the boat to halifax

there we saw the old owner of tim horton's personal home on water. this thing was 1 massive boat!
then back on the bus to go home....note nate's lack of hat. he threw it in the halifax harbour. eww

thurs we went...can you guess? mom hung out with nate while i shopped. nate loved the rocks.
on our way home. nate was reflecting on his visit
we had a good time. now back to reality and life and all the fun it brings