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cast is off!

like my patio furniture? i am waiting for the stores to mark the patio furniture wayyy down, i am cheap. i never buy full price.
monday morning we went to see the ortho surgeon (love him, he is such a great dr) and the decision was made, after 4 longggggg weeks. the cast can come off!!! wheee! i was SO happy to hear that!
the bone is still broken, but the ends are healed and as time goes by the middle will also heal. if it was an adult, the cast would be on for 2 more months! nate did so well esp during the x-ray. the nurse told him to listen for the birds, he was so quiet and well behaved.
now that the cast is off, he will still walk funny until the bone in completely healed. he's getting around but is still in some pain. i took him out on the deck this morning and he has so much fun playing with his out side toys. then we hit the park, he had a blast and we left very dirty. ha. my little stick gather is back.