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friday, fish and fun

i have always stored my decorating candy in the plastic bags that they come in (bulk barn baby) and just tossed them in a container. it has always annoyed me to see the mess.

while visiting the wonderful $ store i came up with this brain fart. take spice jars and fill them up with the candies. not only will they keep well, they also have the plastic cover that helps shake out a small amount and the are cheap. now i need to find an old spice rack that i can use to store them in. i checked walmart but all the spice racks come with spices and cost over 30 bucks. that's to steep for me. ha
so i started filling the jars, making a mess. then i heard this voice in my head that sounded like chris say "use the filter" . chris loves using the filter. so i did. and it worked. yes, chris you are brilliant, wise and cute.

ain't they all perty?
for now i have them in a plastic container, until i find a spice rack

so, this morning nate and i went to carla's to play with an idea that i had for nate's 2nd birthday cake. i know, kinda early, i still have 6 weeks (usri, you have 5 weeks and 6 days until d-date) what i envisioned is a cake fish. not in the shape of a fish, but more of a sheet cake with fish on it. then i thought hummm cookies! make sugar cookies in the shape of a fish and stick them in the cake. how easy-peasy!
carla had some left over fondant from her crafty, creative, cake creations. so i made a batch of sugar cookies last night and try it out this morning
perfect! to make it even more perfect, i found a picture of what i was trying to describe to everyone on line. see below
how perfect is that! i will make some changes to the cake, i want rocks and more fondant.
so, i need a sugar cookie recipe! i don't like the one i tried. does anyone have an amazing sugar cookie recipe that i can try? i would like to have the dough sit in the fridge for a few hrs before it's rolled out. i find the dough is much easier to work with. feel free to email me!
nathaniel in the mean time, found a stroller and proceeded to fill it up with every imaginable object he could find and use it to assist him in walking around.
yes, i am know he's not suppose to be walking on it!
i told him to stop walking on his cast!
he paused for a moment, reflected on my request and laughed as he made another round, pushing the stroller....
you try to keep him off his leg!

have a good friday everyone!