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yet another cast

tues morning we took nate to his ortho's appointment with the surgeon. our appointment was for 10:05 and after waiting for 45 mins chris went to see how much longer it will be. chris was told that nate had 5 more ppl before him. chris then kindly explained that nate is 22 months, they then bumped nate to the front of the line and we got in right away to see the surgeon. i adore this child first policy. on the flip side i am wondering why make an appointment in the first place? anyways.
nathaniel was SO upset when they cut his cast off, he kept yelling "ouch" so we were sent for more x-rays to see what was going on. i stayed in the glassed off room to watch the x-rays. i find nate gets more upset if i am there so chris held his hand

the x-rays showed that the leg was indeed still broken, which would explain nate's proclamations of "ouch". we also found out that his left leg was indeed fractured in 2 places but healed fast, so it was a good thing he had that cast put on. it would have been even more challenging for me if he had both legs in casts!
nathaniel checking out his loot. the new cast is much more delicate, it has a splint type backing, wrapped in comfy cotton and covered with the bandage. we go back on monday to check the progress, more x-rays and determine what will happen.
i really liked the ortho surgeon, we booked mon's appointment with him. he is great with kids and i happen to notice quite polite to the nurse....which leads me to speculate that they may have something going on between them....hum....
nate is doing good. he is suppose to stay off his feet but has figured out how to walk on it. try telling a 22 month old to not walk around and play. it makes it fun for me.
so i happened to pick up a UTI infection. i have been resting and taking it easy which is SO hard to do. monday night i found a smoking deal on 2 pairs of sneakers, and i long to try them out. i just don't have the energy. chris knows that i am not feeling myself when:
1-i say no to ice cream
2-i don't walk, bike or work out
3-i try to take a nap
so yeah, i hope this passes fast!